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Brazilian Pebbles Wax
The Brasilian Wax in beads by SkinSystem

Brazilian Pebbles Wax, the Brazilian wax in beads, safe and Made in Italy, concentrates in small capsules all the effectiveness and delicacy on the skin of SkinSystem products.
Since 1996, the SkinSystem company has been producing depilatory waxes under its own brand and for third parties. For 30 years, SkinSystem has supported professionals in the beauty sector, supporting them in their business and providing them with high and constant quality waxes.
The Brazilian Pebbles Wax of SkinSystem are an innovative product born of traditional hair removal methods, reformulated and enriched with precious raw materials.
Today SkinSystem has given its beloved High Quality Pebbles a new look, to further enhance the quality and professionalism of its Brazilian wax in beads. The new practical and elegant resealable package allows to reduce waste and preserve the product better and for longer.

Brazilian Pebbles Wax, the Brazilian wax in beads from SkinSystem, each with its own particularity and characterized by an elegant colour, transform hair removal into a pleasant beauty ritual.

Practical and fast, easy to use and disposable
Dermatologically tested, respectful of even the most delicate skin
Multidirectional, effective and widespread, it does not require double passes
Incorporates the hair with precision and tenacity, does not stick to the skin for painless hair removal
Melts at low temperature for maximum comfort on the skin
Avoids the formation of folliculitis and irritation
Slows down regrowth, reducing the number and diameter of hair and extending the time between one waxing and another
Can be removed without strips, for greater freedom of movement, also ideal for private parts and small parts
Leaves the skin smooth and silky for more than 3 weeks


Enriched with Titanium Dioxide, it guarantees a soft and effective tear while respecting delicate skin. Suitable for small and medium layers, for applications all over the body.


Its special formulation, enriched with beeswax, allows for soft, precise and effective hair removal suitable for small and medium applications; recommended
for hair removal in the bikini area and in small delicate parts such as face and armpits. Its soft and elastic texture makes the tear ultra soft and effective while respecting the most sensitive skin. The essence of vanilla, released in the environment, stimulates sensoriality.


It incorporates the hair with precision and delicacy, guaranteeing a delicate tear. Soft and precise, multidirectional, it is suitable for small, medium and large layers and for applications all over the body, even the most sensitive ones. Its special golden color and its pleasant fragrance embellish the application of the product, satisfying even the most demanding customers.


Formulated for male hair removal, this wax is characterized by a soft but effective tear even on the most stubborn hair and on the most sensitive skin. Suitable for medium and long layers, for application all over the body. The essence of black orchid, released into the environment, cuddles the customers by stimulating their sensoriality.
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