Purifying Detoxifying Treatment for Impure Acne-prone Skin

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The SkinSystem Purity Professional Protocol is for all customers with impure and acne-prone skin. Use these products in the cabin to counteract the onset of skin imperfections, regulate sebum production and reduce pores, right from the first application!

The Protocol consists of:
Face Cleansing Butter
Face Cleansing Mousse
Enzymatic face peeling
Purity Aqua Pure – Blemish Rescue Toner
Purity – Acne Rescue Serum
Algo Botanic Mask Purifying
Purity – Blemish Remedy Serum
Aqua Resource Moisturizing Gel

Take care of your customers, choose SkinSystem professional treatments!

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If you are looking for a Professional Protocol to conclude cabin treatments for clients with impure or acne-prone skin, you must absolutely know the Purity SkinSystem line which counteracts the onset of skin imperfections, regulates sebum production and reduces pores.

Active Principles

In order to know the Active Ingredients, click on the single article and consult the product sheet.

Ingredients / Inci

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PHASE 1: Double cleansing
– Take and apply the Face Clearing Butter on a dry face
– Dose a small amount of Face Cleansing Mousse
– Clean your face with mittens

PHASE 2: Exfoliation
– Apply Enzymatic Face Peeling and leave to act for 10 minutes

PHASE 3: Treatment
– Prepare your face with Aqua Pure
– Purify pores with Acne Rescu Serum
– Prepare and apply Algo Botanic Mask Purifying
– Conclude by applying Blemish Remedy Serum directly on the impurities
– Moisturize and protect the skin by applying Aqua Resource cream

The Protocol reconstitutes the normal hydrolipidic barrier and regenerates damaged skin tissues minimizing acne scars from the first application. SkinSystem takes care of all skin types!

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