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Brazilian Pebbles Wax

the Brazilian wax in pebbles, safe and totally Made in Italy, concentrates in small capsules all the effectiveness and delicacy on the skin of the SkinSystem products.

Thank to the experience gained in 25 years of activity in the production of epilatory waxes, SkinSystem has created an innovative product born from traditional hair removal methods, reformulated and enriched with precious raw materials.

Brazilian Pebbles Wax is a Brazilian wax that considerably reduces the pain and makes the epilation experience pleasant.
It melts at a low temperature, making it extremely comfortable on the skin at the moment of the application. It perfectly incorporates the hair with precision and tenacity without sticking to the skin, thus reducing skin discomfort to zero in the removal phase and preserving the tan in the summer.
The proper hair extraction prevents the abnormal growth of the hair under the skin, which cause ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

The constant use of Brazilian Pebbles Wax allows the weakening and reduction of hair, leaving the skin silky and lengthening the time between the epilatory treatments.
The special strip-free removal allows for greater freedom of movement and can therefore be used to epilate even small areas and the bikini area.
Disposable, practical and fast, it guarantees compliance with the rules of hygiene.
Also suitable for extremely sensitive skin, teenagers approaching their first epilations and male hair removal, Brazilian Pebbles Wax can also be used in association with pulsed light sessions, improving the result.


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