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Stove heater for beautician 3kg size indicated for CERA COPA. Manufactured in heavy painted steel sheet. Resistance 1000 W.

Dimensions: base 42×30 cm (including side handles), height 16 cm

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3 kgs heater for SkinSystem elastic waxes.

Made of heavy painted steel sheet.

1000 W resistance.

COPA: depilação do Brasil, the true and only Brazilian waxing.

SkinSystem, the only Italian manufacturer of Brazilian wax

Copa: the natural choice. From the decades of SkinSystem experience in the production of epilating waxes, Copa depilação do Brasil is born the true and only Brazilian wax. Natural, suitable for all types of skin, soft and surgical tear and low thermal impact on the skin. Copa wax, thanks to the high coefficient of adhesion, incorporates the stem of the hair without adhering to the skin, thus ensuring an almost painless, precise epilation that does not ruin the tan.
The constant use of Copa wax weakens hair growth, reduces its diameter and lengthens the time between epilation, up to over 3 weeks.
The beeswax gives Copa the elasticity necessary to guarantee a soft and velvety tear, making it suitable for epilation of the whole body, epilation of small areas, Epil Art and male depilations.

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