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Depilation or Epilation?

The terms depilation and epilation still tend to generate many doubts. Let’s try to clarify them a bit.


We talk about depilation in case of partial hair removal. More specifically, the hair is eliminated at a superficial level by cutting the stem, that is the part that comes out from the epidermis, while the bulb and part of the hair remain in the underlying area. This means that as soon as the hair begins to grow back, it will be perceptible visually and to the touch.

You can perform a hair removal using the following methods:

  • blade or razor
  • depilatory creams
  • hair removal sponges

These are the methods normally used at home that allow you to obtain an immediate and painless result but short lasting and with consequences.

Using a blade and razor, the hair will grow back more quickly and the shaft will become stronger, making the hair even more visible and the skin will be rougher to the touch, forcing you to repeated shaving which, in addition to aggravating the situation, will eventually sensitize the skin.

The depilation method with the use of depilatory cream requires longer times than shaving due to the product’s laying and removal time, which by the way is not always well tolerated by the skin due to the ingredients it contains. Furthermore, it is not suitable for removing hair in particularly delicate areas, such as armpits and bikini area and the smell, very often, is unpleasant and pungent.

Even the use of the sponges does not slow down the growth of the hair and furthermore the prolonged rubbing can irritate the skin, thus making them unsuitable for delicate areas. It is also good to know that this rubbing eliminates the superficial part of the dermis making it necessary to use specific products to restore the normal protective layer of the skin.

We speak instead of epilation when we refer to the total removal of the hair, not only of its shaft but also of its hair follicle. The direct consequence is a very slowed growth of the hair. That’s because the cells require time to form a new hair bulb from which the hair will be born. Also, the hair will be more weakened due to repeated extractions.


The techniques used to obtain an epilation are:

  • waxing: liposoluble, Brazilian, sugaring, hydrosoluble
  • thread and tweezers
  • electric epilators
  • laser

 These methods are mainly used in beauty centers (with the exception of tweezers and electric epilators) and allow you to obtain an immediate result but with a much longer lasting effect than the shaving methods.

Let’s not forget that we all have a different sensitivity to pain that leads to a greater or smaller discomfort that is perceived during the treatment.

If correctly used, waxing offers the advantage of obtaining a lasting result: on average, thanks to the extraction of the shaft from the hair root, it is possible to maintain the result for up to 4 weeks. The constant use of this method weakens the hair which will grow back thinner and softer.


Another advantage of waxing is the feeling of a silky and healthy skin, due to its exfoliating effect that will leave a flawless skin for a long time.

It is also a practical and economical method, and, thanks to the different types of wax, it can be customized according to the type and sensitivity of the skin, the pain tolerance, the skills of the professional.

The disadvantage of waxing is that its removal can be annoying depending on your pain threshold. Therefore, always rely on professionals with good skills and technique and be constant in using this method. You will see that the skin will learn to bear the discomfort better and better until you won’t even notice it.

The advantage of the thread or tweezers is that they do not irritate as they allow you to remove the hair from the root without sticking to the skin. They allow you to remove even the shortest and thinnest hairs (in the case of the thread) and above all they are very precise and therefore suitable for the epilation of eyebrows and mustaches, but not for that of larger areas. They are also particularly painful as the hairs are pulled out one at a time. Unlike the other methods that also involve the skin, with thread and tweezers it is possible to expose yourself to the sun immediately after the treatment. They gradually weaken the hair thanks to its complete extraction even if this result is appreciable after long periods of treatment. The thread technique requires greater skills and practice and is therefore not accessible to everyone.

The electric epilator is a home technique that allows effective and long-lasting hair removal. Easy to use, it does not dirty and allows you to remove hair at any time even in the shower using the appropriate epilators. However, this method is not painless and can cause the appearance of ingrown hairs and irritation in the case of particularly sensitive skin. It is not recommended in cases of wounds or skin inflammations, varicose veins and predisposition to folliculitis.

 Laser hair removal, pulsed light or diode are effective and almost painless techniques that allow you to remove the hair from the root with progressive permanent results. However, they are not without side effects, so it is essential that they are performed by experienced personnel in a beauty center or doctor’s office. These techniques allow to obtain an excellent result if carried out on a light complexion with dark hair, and are not recommended in the case of colored skin and in the presence of moles. Furthermore, these techniques cannot be carried out while taking cortisone drugs, antibiotics and hormonal treatments. During the treatment it is possible to feel pain or tingling depending on the sensitivity and in case it is used by inexperienced hands, more serious reactions can occur such as erythema, burns and blisters. It is also recommended to carry out the treatments away from the summer season. The result is not 100% total or immediate as it requires at least one year of treatment and the costs are not always cheap.

Now that you have a clearer idea of  all types of hair removal and epilation, the choice of the most suitable technique is up to you based on your needs, skin type, time and budget.

If you choose waxing as your hair removal method, follow this blog to find out more.

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