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Hot wax cooker, MADE IN ITALY, made exclusively for SkinSystem and suitable for melting 1 KG of wax, equipped with removable bowl and lid. This allows you to melt different types of waxes in each bowl (also available separately) and keep them warm thanks to the matching lid. Using the bowl avoids directly dirtying the stove and avoids contaminating the different types of wax used.

The professional will be able to choose and melt the most suitable wax for each client without having to change the burner or have to clean it between one hair removal and another.

Stove designed for specific use with Skin System waxes, guarantees optimal hair removal results.

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Metal stove for 1.5 kg SkinSystem elastic waxes.
16.5 cm diameter boiler, complete with removable bowl and lid.

Dimensions: diameter 27cm (including side black knobs), height 18cm

Its excellent thermostat allows you to keep the wax at the correct working temperature.

250W resistor.

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